Original artwork by Prague artist Eduard Edigaryan is for sale in our family art gallery. Artwork comes directly from the artist’s collection with a certificate of authenticity. We will be happy to ship this artwork to any destination worldwide with the international insured parcels.


Artist: Eduard Edigaryan (*1943 †2019)
Year: 2016
Material: Paper
Technique: Oil, Acrylic & Ink
Dimensions (WxH): 23×33 cm


The Last Art.

Eduard left an unforgettable mark in the lives of those who could meet him in person, but also in the lives of those who met him through his unique art.

Who knew Eduard, knew that his paintings were his greatest joy and never did  art for business. Thanks to his values, his art has spread across continents and now hangs in the homes of everyone, the homes of those who happened to meet his art in the center of Prague and fall in love with their unique technique, combination of colors and the aesthetic beauty of his paintings.

Eduard left an amazing collection of art, a mixture of paintings from 1965 with his first technique of watercolors and pencils, until 2019, a mixed technique of oil, acrylic and ink.

The Edigaryan family would like to thank you all for your kind support and appreciation of Eduard’s art, and we would like to share with you our latest portfolio of paintings, which we called “The Last Art” – a portfolio dedicated to different periods of Eduard’s life and artists evolution by experimenting, changing and creating. We hope you all will enjoy the “Last Art” collection and thank you all again for always supporting Eduard’s art!

Please note that all paintings from the “Last Art” collection are available for purchase.
If you wish to purchase any of the paintings, let us know the PICTURE ID and we will contact you at the earliest convenience.
You can download a PDF catalogue to view all “Last Art” collection in a single presentation.

The Edigaryan family