Eduard Edigaryan *1943-2019

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The last Art

Dear Friends,
Eduard has left an unforgettable footprint in the lives of those who had the chance to meet him in person but also in lives of those who met him through his unrepeatable art.

Those who knew Eduard knew his painting was his biggest joy and he never did the art for business. Thanks to his values as an artist, his art spread across continents and is now hanging in everyone’s homes, homes of those who accidentally met his art in the heart of Prague and fell in love with his unique technique, his combination of colors and the esthetical beauty of his paintings.

Eduard has left behind an astonishing collection of his art, a mixture of paintings dated from 1965 with his first technique of watercolor and pencil, to 2019, a mixed technique of oil, acryl and ink.

Family Edigaryan would like to thank you all for your kind support and appreciation of Eduard’s art and we would like to share with you his left portfolio of paintings which we titled “The Last Art“ – a portfolio dedicated to different periods of Eduard’s life and his art road through experimenting, changing and evolving.
Open “The Last Art”:

We hope you all enjoy “The Last Art” collection and again our biggest gratitude to you all for always supporting Eduard’s art! Please note all paintings from this collection are available and at your disposal for purchasing. If you desire to purchase any of the paintings do let us know the Picture ID and we will get in touch with you at our earliest convenience.

Family Edigaryan

Eduard Edigaryan, “Honored Artist of Armenia”
26.03.1943 – 17.02.2019

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